About Jamie

Where to begin? Well, after a long and successful career in Talent Acquisition and HR spanning two decades, I decided it was time for a change.

I've always had a keen eye for design and have always been good with words, so I decided to put my neck on the line and train to build websites. 

Well that was a good few years ago now and since then my small business has grown from trying to get a 

foot on the new business ladder, to where I am today managing multiple clients. I now cater for all aspects of design work, predominantly web design and social media, but many other creative projects too. 

I have always, and will always, work with startups and small to medium-sized businesses as their budgets are tailored to my services, ensuring true value for money and very satisfied customers.  


My Latest Websites

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I love it when a client comes to me not only with a great brief, but also with a great innovative product or service. Silent Disco Walking Tours do exactly what you would expect and it looks amazing fun. They wanted a website that encapsulates that sense of loving life as well as being functional, easy to navigate and a hassle-free booking system. As you will see by clicking the picture above, I delivered that and more.



London Barberhood already had a pretty good website when they approached me. This always adds to the pressure slightly, as improving on something that is already good can be a challenge. They wanted clean white areas that make their text and images stand out as well as making it clear what they are all about, which is way more than being a traditional barbers. As you will see by clicking on the image above. 

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My Latest Ad Campaigns

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Promoting unknown artists from the USA when they come on tour to the UK is incredibly difficult. Whilst there is a huge appetite for live music in this country, people are very selective over where they spend their money. So finding a balance between saturating the market with adverts and targeting the right audience is a challenge. One that I happily took on to promote this unique artist - time will tell how successful this proved to be. 

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I have been working with the inventor of the 'cabung' for a few years now. Having built their website a couple of years ago I have run a number of online advertising campaigns for them to promote the product. The latest was when he took his innovation to the London Motor Show and wanted to let as many people know as possible. A hugely successful event followed and people are starting to realise they all need a cabung!

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